• Welcome Wagon

  • The Chamber's Welcome Wagon bags are distributed to over 8000 new U City residents annually. To begin, provide at least 1000 copies of your printed coupon, brochure, flier or small promotional item, and we'll place them in our bags for distribution. This is a great way to increase your revenues and customer base through targeted, direct marketing to local residents. 

    Chamber members have exclusive access to our Welcome Wagon Plus option. Welcome Wagon Plus allows you to advertise in our Welcome Wagon bags and have your materials or promotional items placed on the Chamber table at all Chamber events reaching thousands of people annually. Members must participate in the basic Welcome Wagon plan and be in good standing to be eligible for Welcome Wagon Plus.

    Contact the Chamber at 314-337-2489 or mary@ucitychamber.co if you are interested in participating!


  • Welcome Wagon Rates

    Chamber Members
    Annually:   $1000
    Quarterly:  $300
    Monthly:     $110
    Weekly:      $30

    Annually:   $1400
    Quarterly:  $420
    Monthly:     N/A
    Weekly:      N/A

  • Welcome Wagon Plus Rates

    (available to Chamber Members only)
    Annually:   $1500
    Quarterly:  $450
    Monthly:     $165
    Weekly:      $45