• Post Date: July 30, 2015

  • Author: Hannah Litwiller

  • Pathetic with a paintbrush? Sketchy with sculpting? That’s okay.  If you take a trip to Tutti Frutti, you can create your own masterpiece – in the form of delicious frozen yogurt!

    At Tutti Frutti, located at 7708 Delmar, customers are able to use ten flavors of frozen yogurt, nine fresh fruit choices and 50 different toppings to create their own desserts. With about 28 calories per ounce, the probiotic yogurt is designed for health conscious folks who are looking for a light, refreshing treat.

    Though frozen yogurt has grown in popularity throughout the world for its fresh taste and health-friendly attitude, Tutti Frutti is a frozen dessert chain cut above the rest. Most chains use pre-packaged ingredients to create their frozen yogurt, but not Tutti Frutti. Each store makes its own yogurt in the kitchen daily, allowing the business to produce an unlimited number of flavors. About 170 flavors have been created, including Nutella – perfect for those looking for a creamy chocolate-hazelnut dessert.   Tutti Frutti makes sure to include soy-based frozen yogurt at their stores for the lactose intolerant or vegan consumer.

    “We are doing frozen yogurt the right way,” says Sherif Labib, manager of Spring Valley, Tutti Frutti’s umbrella company.

    Frozen yogurt give you a brain freeze? No sweat. Tutti Frutti offers its own special hot chocolate, teas, pies and customizable smoothies. There are 75 different ways to make a smoothie at Tutti Frutti, and customers are encouraged to try their hand at creating their favorite flavors. 

    “I saw a customer that created their own smoothie using bananas, peanut butter, graham crackers, and top it with chocolate fudge,” says Labib. “You have the full freedom to make it sweeter, creamier or healthier.”

    There are three different locations in St. Louis, including a sister store at 4906 Laclede Ave, but the Delmar address at the corner of North and South Road is the original Tutti Frutti. Opened by Labib and his business partner, Hany Georgy, in 2012, it appeals to all types - families, gym rats, and people who constantly crave a sweet relief to the never-ending heat of summer. Those who really want to get in the know can join Tutti Frutti’s VIP club, which offers special deals and updates on the store – including a free eight ounce yogurt when you sign up.

    “It’s a great intersection with a lot of space and is very family oriented - I think it’s a good location for those interested in healthy living,” says Labib, referring to the health-conscience corner of Delmar Blvd and North and South Road. Tutti Frutti joins its neighboring businesses to keep health at the forefront of a lifestyle.

    7708 Delmar Blvd.
    University City, MO 63130

    (314) 863-5311