• Post Date: April 10, 2016

  • Author: Zachery Green

  • The Delmar Loop is known for its urban vibe and cosmopolitan atmosphere, two features that make it a natural magnet for the arts. Among the shops and galleries that contribute to the Delmar Loop’s fashionable and artistic image is Serendipity Gallery, which features paintings, glassware, jewelry, sculpture and photography by some of the region’s best artists. With its quality products and its support of home-grown artisans, Serendipity Gallery is well-suited for the hip yet sophisticated atmosphere that characterizes one of the greatest streets in America.
    Serendipity Gallery was founded by Lisa Anne Houdyshell and her sister-in-law Rose Hagan. The two were inspired to open the gallery by their shared love of art, with Lisa Anne being a longtime fan of St. Louis’s art scene and Rose being a painter and glassworker. Lisa Anne and Rose have traveled extensively together and have visited many art galleries around the globe. Over time the pair developed a vision of the kind of gallery they would want to own and operate, a gallery where people from all walks of life could appreciate and purchase art without feeling judged or out of place. In pursuit of their vision, Lisa Anne and Rose obtained a space in the Loop adjacent to the Pageant Theatre and shaped it into the standout gallery that it is today.
    Lisa Anne and Rose made renovations to the space that resulted in an interior décor best described as “industrial chic.” The ceiling is made from recycled plastic that resembles tin, and some of the light fixtures have been fashioned from industrial baking whisks. The displays are made from repurposed flat file cases, barn wood, and industrial cable spools. The quirky interior design reflects the art selection at Serendipity Gallery, which is as varied and diverse as its creators.
    The majority of Serendipity Gallery’s selection consists of works that originate from within the St. Louis metro area. However, a visitor will also encounter a variety of pieces from Illinois, Indiana, Oregon, California and Texas. All of the pieces in Serendipity Gallery demonstrate the character and uniqueness that typifies the works of talented regional artists. Whether you’re looking for unique handmade jewelry, a painting, blown or fused glass, or a photograph, anything you find here will be authentic and original.
    In addition to more traditional forms of art, the store features an Art-o-Mat®, a repurposed 1940s cigarette vending machine that dispenses original works of art in a cigarette size container. Customers can use the Art-o-mat® by inserting a $5.53 token, which can be purchased at the register. Just insert your token, pull on the knob beneath the piece you want, and voila! You have a small original work of art that you can take with you anywhere!
    Visiting Serendipity Gallery is a must for anyone who appreciates local artists. The space is as inviting as it is aesthetically engaging, and whether you’re an art connoisseur or someone who’s simply looking for some new décor or a special gift, you will be welcomed with open arms. True to its name, Serendipity Gallery will offer a pleasant surprise to anyone who stops by, so head on over!

    6161 Delmar Blvd. #101
    St. Louis, MO 63112

    (314) 449-6400