• Member Spotlight (4/19/18)

    Invelop Now




    Invelop Now provides immersive 3D virtual tours, aerial imagery and video to capture hotels and hospitality spaces, music and event venues, small retail shops, large commercial spaces, and residential and commercial real estate. The company harnesses the Matterport 3D camera system to achieve this, and their team has an unmatched amount of experience in this five-year-old industry. On top of this, they make it a priority to ensure clients have a full understanding of their services, are provided with the best experience possible and have their final product delivered in a timely and professional manner.

    Invelop Now is eager to work in University City because of its diversity of businesses, residents and architecture. They look forward to continuing to meet business owners and others in the community and helping achieve their goals with the power of 3D camera technology.

    As a Chamber member, they will offer a 10% discount to their fellow members.

    To learn more about Invelop Now, click the links at the top of the page, or find contact information and a question form here.