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    Flamenco Flowers & Sweets



    Flamenco Flowers & Sweets is a flower shop located in The Delmar Loop at 6346 Delmar Blvd. The store is known for its unique flair, contemporary concepts and original interpretations of light, color and space, in addition to gift baskets filled with gourmet sweets that satisfy the most discriminating palate.

    Flamenco Flowers & Sweets provides fresh and original arrangements crafted with a creativity inspired by its unique customers. Each design is guided by customers’ individual preferences regarding style, color combinations and budget, along with a dash of love and unwavering attention to detail. Owner Elisheva Heit is passionate about creating an extraordinary design experience worthy of any once-in-a-lifetime event. From weddings and other special occasions to arrangements that compliment interior design, Flamenco Flowers & Sweets will artistically and faithfully interpret your desires. The shop provides next-day delivery throughout the St. Louis Metro area, and many gift items can be shipped nationwide.

    Elisheva has lived in (and loved) University City since she came to St. Louis in 1992. With its urban, cosmopolitan atmosphere of inclusion, she considers it the perfect place for her store. Flamenco Flowers & Sweets draws people from all denominations and backgrounds to not only shop, but to chat, share experiences, forge friendships and foster creativity. As a sole proprietor in an eclectic community and a mother to seven children, Elisheva has a thorough understanding of the importance of family and cultural diversity, two elements that shine through in all her floral and edible offerings.

    As a member of the University City Chamber of Commerce, Elisheva offers her fellow members a 10% discount on any purchase. She also encourages the public to be on lookout for deals at her store, especially as Valentine’s Day approaches.

    Visit www.flamencoflowers.com or call (314) 725-8080 to learn more about Flamenco Flowers & Sweets.