• Post Date: July 1, 2015

  • Author: Zachery Green

  • It isn’t news that the sedentary lifestyle is an epidemic in the United States. We all know the costs of such a lifestyle; the numbers on the scale go up, and cardiovascular and muscular endurance go down. But the costs go deeper than that. There is a special kind of comradery that can be forged when people exercise together, and that comradery is the driving force at Fitness with Anika.

    Fitness with Anika is owned by U City resident Anika Porter. Anika decided to open a fitness center because her father, who was in the military and played sports in high school and college, emphasized the importance of exercise as he raised her. Consequently, Anika spent much of her time growing up engaged in activities such as roller skating, bike riding and jogging. The physical and psychological strength that these activities imparted in Anika made her eager to help others become physically active, and eventually she opened Fitness with Anika.

    Fitness with Anika offers two main training programs. The first is Boot Camp, a six-week, large group program that focuses on total body workouts. Boot Camp focuses around bursts of intensity followed by more moderately paced exercise, which builds endurance. Those who enroll can expect to do plenty of sprints, pushups and jumping jacks.

    The second training program is Small Group Training. This program is semi-private, with two to six people in a session, and it focuses on developing the major muscle groups. Because these groups are so small, members can enjoy the benefits of personal training while also being part of a team.

    It is important to understand that both programs are targeted at people of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a long time fitness junkie looking for a new challenge or someone who has decided that it’s time to get back into shape, Anika’s programs offer the freedom to develop and improve at your own pace.

    Fitness with Anika was originally located on Washington Avenue in Midtown St. Louis, but Anika decided that it would be better to relocate to North and South Road near the Delmar intersection in U City, partially so she could be closer to home, and partially because she was attracted to U City’s diverse business climate and progressive image. According to Anika, “U City is the St. Louis area’s best kept secret. Even on my corner, from a business stance, it has a little bit of everything: shopping, restaurants and industry. It is also very ethnically and culturally diverse, and I think that diversity helps pull the city together, which is why you see such an emphasis on community here.”

    U City’s diversity is reflected in Anika’s clients. A training group will have people from many different ethnicities, religions and walks of life. Anika says that bringing people who are different in many ways and yet share a value of fitness creates an incredible synergy within a training group. This synergy allows people to push themselves to their limits and to support each other in the physical and psychological challenges that Anika’s programs offer.

    Fitness with Anika’s slogan is “It’s not a gym… It’s personal,” and the bonds that are formed within the training groups that Anika leads is proof of that. “It’s a free atmosphere,” says Anika. “It’s a safe place to struggle and grow, and one reason for that is that it’s not as impersonal as regular gyms. We laugh, cry and pray together, and that freedom helps people achieve their goals.”

    Anyone looking for a place to exercise while developing bonds with other people should try Fitness with Anika. Anika’s warm and encouraging personality coupled with her emphasis on comradery makes for a rewarding fitness experience that is hard to come by.

    612 North and South Rd.
    University City, MO 63130
    Phone: (314) 226-5985